A Bed in Heaven - your accommodation in Bearberry, the west country of Sundre, Alberta, Canada

Welcome in our home!

From a relaxing retreat to challenging the outdoors -
from the pristine wilderness to the comforts of home -
all this is available to you.

Our home is located in Bearberry on the hill side nearly in the centre of our 156 acres of mostly treed land with a beautiful view into the Bearberry Valley as well as to the hills of the West Country.

We offer two holiday suites each with private entrance and private deck overlooking the valley. The suites can be rented short-term or long-term.

You will stay away from the hassle & bustle of life in the City while watching an abundance of wildlife right in front of your suite.

Our home is a non-smoking facility and adult oriented.
Our house overlooking the Bearberry Valley with view to the hills of the West Country of Bearberry
A Bed in Heaven in winter time
Reliability and excellent service are the base for
us to provide YOU a comfortable and relaxing
stay in our home with long lasting good

For pictures of the area and of the land please visit our Album or watch our slideshow

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