A Bed in Heaven - your accommodation in Bearberry, the west country of Sundre, Alberta, Canada

Your Host Family

Your Hosts - we imigrated from Germany

In 1998 we emigrated from Bavaria, Germany.
From day one we settled in Bearberry, first on a 6 acre parcel
where we started our B&B business in 1999.
In 2008 we moved to our new location, just accross the road from our former property. We are happy to be able to live our life long dream here in Bearberry together with very friendly and helpful neighbours.

Ingrid with Thumper and Lucky, and Laila and Nakiska

One of Ingrid's hobbies is dog sledding.

Since childhood it was her dream to drive a sled with a team of dogs. Finally in 2005 she got Thumper and Lucky. They both were trained sled dogs. One year later the team was completed with Laila and Nakiska, both are pure breed Sibirian Huskies.

Maybe the dogs and Ingrid are the very few people which are happy when it snows!

Michael likes to read books but mostly he is working outside, cutting firewood for our wood burner or fixing fences.
On a farm there is always something to do and the days are often too short.
Emily our house cat and Hank the newcomer

At the moment we share our property with Laila a Siberian Husky, Emily, the cat, and the newest addition - Hank.

Emily is our in- and outdoor cat and likes to be the boss. But in January 2015 there happened a big change for Emily! A new puppy is challenging her now.

Hank is a mixture between everything and he is a big dog now. Ingrid started to train Hank as a sled dog and put him to work last winter already. He is a very friendly boy and he loves people and other dogs alike.

cattle on our property

During the summer we host some cow/calf pairs on our pasture. The cows are very friendly, especially when they hear the sound of the lawn mover. Then they know special treats are coming soon!

Although these animals are a part of our family, we are very sensitive to our guest's needs. Our pets are never allowed in the guest suites.

For pictures of the area and of the land please visit our Album.